Production of Viscous Oil

Applied in the steam pipelines of viscous oil production, aerogel blanket can efficiently reduce the heat loss of the pipelines and better control the temperature drop.

Steam is mostly produced through burning coal and natural gas with a high cost. When the pipelines run through a long distance, the severe heat loss causes massive energy waste.
Most oil fields are located in terrible environment with low temperature, which further increases heat loss.
Conventional materials costs a lot in logistics while serves for a short term.
Due to the poor insulation performance of conventional materials, a big insulation thickness is required which causes heat leakage between gaps.
Benefits of aerogel insulation materials
Decreases the insulation thickness and the heat loss, energy conservation rate can reach 30% compared to conventional materials.
Heat leakage between gaps can be prevented by overlap and stagger, while reduced insulation.
Reduces logistics costs, improves installation ease.
With an estimated usage life of 20 years, investment in aerogel insulation materials is beneficial during the maintenance over the long term.
A mixed solution of aerogel insulation materials and other materials is cost effective and insulation effective.
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