Guangdong Alison Technology was established in Yingde City of Guangdong Province in 2007. Alison is not only a National Hi-Tech Corporation integrating R&D, Production & Sales, but also the leading enterprise specialized in mass production of aerogel insulation materials in China. Since 2009, we have been fully implementing ISO9001:2008 and 7S management system, having obtained multiple patents of invention and of utility model and set up an intellectual property management system.

Since our establishment, we have absorbed a great quantity of personnels with technical skills and with management skills. Setting “technical innovation, top quality” as research philosophy and “energy conservation and environment protection” as motive, we have already successfully transformed the innovative technology of nano aerogel insulation into industrial application solutions and aerogel insulation products including aerogel, aerogel blankets and aerogel panels, which can be widely utilized in industrial pipelines, thermal energy piping networks, petrochemical and chemical equipments, furnaces, home appliances, buildings and constructions, transportation vehicles and other applications. With fantastic performance in fireproof and insulation, aerogel insulation materials solve the problems that conventional materials cannot solve, offering customers with excellent fireproof and insulation products and solutions. Through all these years, we keep maintaining the cooperation with multiple universities and researching institutes. Thanks to the revolution of production technology and the trust of customers, our production capacity and market share continue to hit record highs.

With an excellent sales service team and global sales network and the service policy of “Quality First, Customers Upmost” all the time, we invite you to join our maximum efforts to make this planet a better place for our later generations.

Enterprise Advantage

  • Production capacity

    The production capacity of our single production line is designed to reach 700,000 square meters,and we plan to achieve 7 million square meters in 2023~2024. Our goal is to achieve the world's largest production capacity.

  • Equipment technology

    Alison started in 2005, registered in 2007, and completed the first supercritical production line with completely independent equipment technology.

  • Performance assurance

    The product performance is superior and stable, with a complete range of products, and the quality is sufficient to benchmark any foreign products.

  • Cost advantage

    High efficiency with production capacity and significant cost advantage.

Contact Us
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