Petrochemical Insulation

As China keeps raising energy conservation standards, insulation is playing a key role in energy conservation, now insulation is called as the Fifth Energy. Petrochemical enterprises are driven to raise technical level for insulation in order to reduce energy consumption.

Performance decline of conventional materials is really fast, and it is common and often to see sagging because of weak structural strength and to see massive heat loss through the gaps between the joints.
Poor insulation effect and massive heat loss lead to big drop of both temperature and pressure at pipe ends, increasing workload of boilers and operation expenses.
Limited waterproof property of conventional materials brings severe corrosion to pipelines, posing a great safety threat.
Benefits of aerogel insulation materials
Sharply reduces the thickness required for insulation so as to minimize heat loss and improve insulation effect.
Enhanced structural strength and compressive strength ensure stable performance and prolong service life.
Waterproof property minimizes corrosion on pipelines.
Can be cut on site according to different sizes and shapes and easily installed in confined space, reducing time for installation and required labor.
With minimum thickness to achieve same insulation effect as conventional materials, reducing the use amount and the cost for outer protective cladding as well as the space and cost for transportation and storage.
A mixed solution together with conventional materials offers the benefits of both cost saving and energy conservation.
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