Solar Thermal Energy

Using solar energy to generate electricity is one important way in exploring the possibilities of solar thermal energy. Electricity is generated through steam turbines and generators with steam in such a way that steam is obtained through heating up the water with the energy source coming from the heat storage medium or heat-conducting oil heated up with the solar radiant thermal energy collected by a solar energy collector.

At present, solar energy storage tanks and pipelines are mostly insulated with glass wool, rock wool, calcium silicate with the problem of massive heat loss. Because it is very precious to obtain the energy source coming from the heat storage medium through solar thermal energy, it is very important minimize the heat loss by using the best insulation performance materials. Aerogel blanket is the perfect choice to increase the conversion efficiency from solar energy to electricity and heat energy.
Benefits of aerogel insulation materials
The insulation effect of aerogel blankets at high temperature outperforms conventional materials, which is helpful to increase the conversion efficiency, reduce heat loss and substantially prolong the time of storing thermal energy.
Aerogel blankets can be cut on site and installed easily in confined space, reducing the costs for labor.
Made of inorganic materials, with excellent structural strength and long service life, aerogel blankets are suitable the long term service requirement in solar energy industry.
Compared to conventional materials, aerogel blankets reduce the thickness required for insulation.
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