Third place for Guangdong Alison in Nanyue Intelligent Innovational Final Contest of 1st Huiju Cup

This contest, which was arisen positively by Qingyuan Science Technology Bureau and Qiangyuan Productivity Promote Center, has attracted over 1200 projects and teams. Those projects cover various new-edge sectors, such as new materials, smart home, intelligent safeguard, biological environmental protection, mobile network etc. No matter what from product innovation, intelligent property, business mode, market analysis, team constructure or technologic development, those projects are the top ones in all.

In the afternoon of Jan 23, 2016, Nanyue Intelligent Innovational Final Contest of 1st Huiju Cup was opened under the guideline of patent management office of State Intelligent Property Bureau. Guangdong intelligent property bureau started this contest. Huiju Web (WTOIP.COM), Guangzhou Intelligent Property Bureau, Guangdong Intelligent Property Research and Development Center jointly sponsored. Four selected projects from Qiangyuan City joined this contest after training. Aerogel insulation material to Guangdong Alison Hi-Tech Co.,Ltd and whole solution for clean water fuel to Qiangyuan Jingwang Environmental Protection devices Co.,Ltd have appeared in the top 10 list after fierce competition. Qingyuan Jingwang Co.,Ltd was granted the excellent award and Guangdong Alison Hi-Tech Co.,Ltd was granted the most popularity and third place.

The final contest attract over 1000 social experts from various industries to wit the gorgeous performance of top 10. Ma Xianmin, head officer of Guangdong Intelligent Property Bureau, Dong Mingzhu, chairman of Gree electrical Co.,Ltd, Ren Kelei, President of Shenzhen Huaqiao City Group, Wang yonghui, chairman of Xiangxue Pharmacy Co.,Ltd, Yuan Bing, chairman of TCL Group, Deng Youman, head officer of Guangzhou Intelligent Property Bureau, Peng Zhiyuan, Secretary of China Intelligent Property Operation Ally, Xie Xuhui, Chairman and CEO of Huiju Lianrui Group, Yu Haifeng, deputy principal of Guangdong Financial and Economic University and over 30 financial investment experts form the jury. They contribute a thinking feast of innovation and enterprise to the people with top 10 competitors.

This contest, not only arouses enterprisers’ enthusiasm to innovational enterprise through training, competition and judge, but also clarifies the developing route, business mode and top-bottom product chains. It helps enterprises find ideal financial investment partners to walk towards beautiful future.

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