Success for Nanyue Intelligent Property Innovational final contest of 1st Huiju Cup

Jan 23, 1月23日,Nanyue Intelligent Property Innovational final contest of 1st Huiju Cup has been held successfully by Guangdong Intelligent Property Bureau, Huiju Web, Guangzhou Intelligent Property Bureau and Guangdong Intelligent Property Development and Research Center. Each ward, such as championship, runner-up, third place, the most dazzling technology, the most investment value, the best popularity, has born in finals. 10 of all projects have been awarded the excellent award in the finals. Linji, Deputy Secretary of Guangdong Province, Ma Xianmin, head officer of Guangdong Intelligent Property Bureau, Wang Shuanglong, director of patent management office of the State Intellectual Property Office and the host organizers address speeches. Chen Hongbing, director of China agency of World Intelligent Property organization addresses written speech. The famous industrial experts, such as Dong Mingzhu, Chairman of Gree Electrical Co.,Ltd, Ren Kelei, First consultant of Huaqiao City Group, Wang Yonghui, President of Xiangxue Pharmacy Co.,Ltd, Yuan Bing, President of TCL Group and etc, have been the auditors on the finals. Over one thousand people from industrial sector, intelligent property sector, enterprise investment sector and the teams have attended the finals.

After fierce contest and audit, champion was awarded to Guangzhou Texin Network Technology Co.,Ltd, runner-up to Xinli Battery Co.,Ltd of Foshan Nanhai City and third place to Guangdong Alison Hi-Tech Co.,Ltd. Many projects got confirm from the industrial experts and investment purpose.

Linji, deputy secretary, sent a congratulation to the finals as represent of Guangdong Province Government. He said, Guangdong Province Government always take great focus on the intelligent property, which supports the driving development of innovation and plays an important roll in promoting the developing level of industrial internationalization. Provincial government has set a new goal of pioneer province in the strengthening country by the innovation of intelligent property in 2015. He hoped this contest will be a drive, for full mixtures of intelligent property with technology and industry with capital, for full reflect of economic value in intelligent property, for whole provincial transform and upgrade, for achieving new effort in innovation.

Ma Xianmin said intelligent property had developed rapidly since Guangdong Province Government speeded up the innovation development. 38% increase in patent application as well as 50% in audit volume of Guangdong Province in 2015. And this represents the innovational enthusiasm in whole province. He hoped this contest will promote the effective mixture between the capital of most innovational intelligent property and the financial capital.

Roadshow, guider canvas, jury was introduced into the finals. Last 10 projects will compete in the same stage and show out their strong point. The teams will show their spotting point, business construction mode and strategy plan in future by 3 minute video introduction, 3 min speech and 2 min guider canvas. The jury will audit the project from market share, anti-risk, prospect etc and advise the contesters in each sector. Guangzhou Notarial Office has attended this contest to ensure fairness.

It is reported that the contest has attracted over global 1200 projects and teams since November of last year. Those projects cover various new-edge sectors, such as new material, smart home, intelligent safeguard, biological environmental protection, mobile network, etc. After enrolls, first contest, business camp, semi-final, top 10 projects have joined the finals.

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